3 Awesome New Year Party Themes

New Years Eve is really the best event in the annual calendar for most of us. Everyone just love to party and New Years is the best time to do it.

People want to let their hair down and see in the New Year with an almighty bang. So what could be better than doing it with an awesome theme?

Casino Night
The casino night theme offers you the chance to make a really stunning backdrop for your party. Think James Bond in Casino Royal, you can go all out and hire some great gaming tables. Finding party props can be really easy, hiring props from reputable party suppliers might be the best option, they can have a huge range of different themes.
What party would be complete without a cake? Not one that I know of, so get yourself a great cake artist or have a go yourself. You could stun your guests with a beautiful casino themed cake, just check out some images online for ideas.
When it comes to catering, if your budget allows, why not hire professional caterers to do the hard work for you? They can take the stress out of the evening for you so you can enjoy mingling with your guests.
You can be sure that a casino night will bring revelry and fun to all your guests and of course you can play for prizes rather than money!

Guys and Dolls
Get yourselves kitted up in some of the best 1930s gear, spud guns and smoking jackets. The women wore glamorous dresses and hair, red lipstick and pearl necklaces.
It was the era of champagne and cocktails, so make sure you’ve got plenty of the bubbly stuff in!
You are bound to have a night that goes off with a bang! It’s simple and easy to take a trip to you local thrift shop and hunt out those bargain props, you may even find an outfit that fits perfectly with your gangster theme. Hunt out for those old fur skin coats, I bet your Grandmother has one in the attic.
Think the big speak easy – get a bar set up with smartly dressed bar staff, hire some dancing girls or a raunchy cabaret act. You could get in some feather boas and treat the ladies to one on the door, maybe even a cigar for the guys.
Hiring a smoke machine can really set the ambiance for the evening; these dancing clubs would have been smoke filled saloons, so set the mood right.

Beach party
If you have the luxury of a hot tub and a big enough back drop, a beach party can be a great night. You don’t need to have the roar of the ocean to make it perfect. Hire some inflatable palm trees, crocodiles and parrots, you can find these available from most party suppliers or online novelty stockists.

Serve your drinks from a bamboo bar and get in some coconuts with straws. Buy in some novelty straws and umbrellas for your guests drinks. Dim the lights and turn on the fairy lights, a disco ball for the dance floor is a great way to get your guests moving. Hire a DJ and you’ve got a great recipe for a fun and exciting night out.
You can guarantee someone will turn up in a Hawaiian shirt or grass skirt and coconut bra! You’ll all be laughing the night away.
Why not fill some goody bags with lots of treats for your guests, fun and funky novelty glasses and grass skirts will have them giggling all night.
For drinks, you should supply a big bowl of fruity punch, cocktails like sex on the beach.
Ask around your friends and family, if they have any deck chairs and sun loungers, they will make great beach style seating for your guests.
Whatever you decide as your new year’s party theme, you are sure to have a blast and spend a great evening with the most important people in your life. See in the New Year with gusto and be sure you will be setting the bar high!


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Aurice Guyton
Aurice is a Bay Area native, born and raised in Oakland, CA. After receiving my MBA in Marketing, Aurice joined the Peace Corps where she lived and worked in a rural village in Belize for 2+ years. After her Peace Corps term, Aurice moved back to California and began planning events for various organizations and developed a passion for it. She officially started her business in 2012. She specializes in business, tech and non-profit events.

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