Unique Ideas for your Attendees to Sign-in to your Event

With so many meetings and events that people must sign-in to, why not make it fun. I’ve listed below three unique ways to capture your guests name and learn something about them in the process. These ideas also make for great networking games.

Birthday Calendar Sign-In
calendar sign inInstead of using a sign-in form, replace it with a calendar and have your guest write their name on their birthday. You can then use that information to send birthday cards to your clients or guest on their birthday. Your guests will find fun in writing their birthday in the calendar and appreciate you asking, knowing they will be remembered by you on their special day.






Guest Map Sign-In
guest sign in map
This next idea not only gives guest the opportunity to “sign-in” but is a cool ice breaker as well. Provide small, thin slips of paper, just big enough for folks to write their name on. After your guest write their name on the slip of paper, they will pin it to the city where they where born. Depending on your crowd, you may need to have a map of the world. This activity with make for awesome conversations.


Business Card Pinned to Map
Instead of the same boring fish bowl that you ask your guest to drop their business card in to, why not have a world map and ask them to pin their cards to the place where they are going to vacation this year, the place they were born or their favorite vacation spot. Be creative and have fun with it. This also doubles as a great networking game.



About the Author:

Aurice Guyton
Aurice is a Bay Area native, born and raised in Oakland, CA. After receiving my MBA in Marketing, Aurice joined the Peace Corps where she lived and worked in a rural village in Belize for 2+ years. After her Peace Corps term, Aurice moved back to California and began planning events for various organizations and developed a passion for it. She officially started her business in 2012. She specializes in business, tech and non-profit events.

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