Here’s 9 Line Items Missing From Your Event Planners Budget Right Now


With only a week left until your next big event, it’s time to give your event planners budget one last evaluation. After grouping cost figures, working out a break-even point and setting aside money for generous amounts of SWAG, the budget is finally complete. What a relief! Delicious catering, budget-friendly rentals and keynote speakers are all accounted for and it’s time for us to project our profits. While event planners mainly focus on the big

6 Tips On Finding Event Sponsors For Your Next Event


One frequently asked question I receive as a planner is “How do I find event sponsors?”. After years of events, I've found that these 6 tips improved my chances at finding an event sponsor. They've worked well for my organization and I'm happy to get to share them with you! Here’s a few tips in getting quality sponsors for your next event. Do Your Homework When putting together your proposal for a potential sponsor, you

How to Legally Donate Food From Your Event


For many years planners and caterers have wanted to donate food from events to local, nonprofit organizations. What stopped us? The fear of being held responsible should one get sick from the donated food. One of the best things about an event is the delicious food, why not share with the community! To do this, we’ve worked to find the solution to keeping our clients happy and being socially/environmentally responsible at the same time. With

10 Tricks To Reduce No-shows At Your Events


Since RSVP was invented, event planners have been plagued by one notorious group of “attendees” know as... the no-shows. no-shows add stress to a planners plate during an event by having to add in the FLAKE FACTOR. They are the reason for a half empty room when you are expecting a full event. Whether your event is paid or free, every planner needs an effective method to reduce the amount of no-shows at their next

9 Ways To Boost Your Events Social Media Engagement


For event marketing, social media has become a crucial role in planning and executing a successful event. Utilizing these platforms to create event engagement creates a community amongst your attendees and gives them the opportunity to interact with your brand. When done correct, you can increase your brand’s value and improve engagement metrics by implementing an effective social media marketing campaign for your next event. Inspired by the webinar done by product marketing manager at

Super Bowl 50 Events


Super Bowl 50 is coming to the Bay Area and we are ecstatic! There will be tons of events and activities going on all over the Bay Area, some free..others not so much. We've made a cool flyer of some Super Bowl sponsors events as well as a tour coordinated by Aurice Guyton Events.   Click to Enlarge Click to enlarge January 30th- 31st Superbowl City presented by Verizon Opens Where: Embarcadero Hours: 11:00am -10:00pm

The Ultimate Conference Planning Checklist


  Conference planning is a skills and conference planners are masters at juggling many details at a time.  There are many tasks that need to be done so you'll definitely want an experienced conference planner on your team. To give you an idea of the type of preparation that goes into conference planning, I've listed The Ultimate Conference Planning Checklist. Give us a call and we'll handle all of the details. 18 months before the event

Hot Tips on Hiring An Event Photographer for your event


Your event is coming up so you want to make sure you hire a great event photographer. Don't just hire anyone with an expensive camera and a good portfolio.  Make sure your photographer has experience taking event photos and check their references. A good (great) event photographer can make the person, or persons looking at the images wish they where there, if they were not. Find someone who can capture the essence of the entire event,

Aurice Guyton Events Produces 1 Day Conference for The White House staff


When you get referred to produce an event for The White House staff, you know you're doing something right. The level of trust and professionalism that must be had to recommend Aurice Guyton Events to work with the staff of the White House is an honor.  Along with the Kapor Center for Social Impact, members of The White House staff conducted an invite-only, 1 day working conference in San Francisco.   Invites were sent to

Small Budget? How to Estimate Coffee consumption at your Conference


Here's a great article I read on Cvent, written by Leigh Murdock about coffee consumption. I was just having this conversation with my client a few days ago about how much coffee she should order for her event. This article came at the perfect time. I shared it with her and now I'm sharing it with you. Enjoy. ------ One of the most common conversations I encounter in the event planning industry is that of coffee

5 tech tools to increase engagement at your next event


Event planners are constantly on the hunt to find products to increase engagement at events. Here’s a roundup of 5 of the newest technology products to use at your meetings and events. 1. Crowd Mics Crowd Mics uses the audience’s phones as wireless mics! And text commenting and live polling let everyone engage. The crowd’s voice is heard...they feel a real connection to the event/meeting...interaction are the hero and we smile!   2. Live Instagram, Facebook

4 Healthy Hors d’oeuvres for the New Year


It's a new year and with the new year comes New Year's resolutions. Of course the numnber one resolution is to diet and loss weight. So to keep your guests happy without tempting them with scrumptuious fatting foods, here are a few healthy and tasty hors d'oervres to help everyone stick to their diets. Gluten-Free Lamb Gyro Sandwich Slice four bun-shaped “cheeks” from a head of iceberg lettuce. Two cheeks make a bun. Fill it

Winter Storm in San Francisco leaves Lean Startup Conference without power


Residents of the San Francisco Bay Area are a little spoiled with our nearly 300 days of sunshine and 65 degree winters, so when the weather forecasts a severe storm with heavy rains and high winds, the city starts planning for the worst. As an event planner, contingency planning is essential to the event planning process to limit the risk of disaster and while we hope nothing major goes wrong we must prepare for it

Unique Ideas for your Attendees to Sign-in to your Event


With so many meetings and events that people must sign-in to, why not make it fun. I've listed below three unique ways to capture your guests name and learn something about them in the process. These ideas also make for great networking games. Birthday Calendar Sign-In Instead of using a sign-in form, replace it with a calendar and have your guest write their name on their birthday. You can then use that information to send

Women’s trip to Paso Robles Wine County and Hearst Castle Excursion


The Women's trip to Wine County, on July 19th was a huge success. 39 women executives (and 3 men) traveled from the San Francisco Bay Area via luxury bus to Paso Nobles Wine Country. Getting out of town for the day was a much need break for these busy ladies.   In Paso Nobles, the ladies were treated to a variety of wines provided by Indigene Cellars which was paired with an array of delicious

Sneak Peak: Private San Francisco Venue


There are many reasons why you should hire an event planner instead of going at it on your own. One reason is because event planners have access to great venues and can negotiate a great price for you. Last week I was invited by one of the managers of this San Francisco business on a private tour. This is not a typical event space and they don't rent it out to the public. So why

The Secret to Finding FREE SWAG for your Event


Have you ever gone to an event just because you knew the SWAG bags would be awesome? I have. While SWAG isn't the end all be all of an event, it can be the icing on the cake. Everyone likes receiving gifts and a SWAG bag full of wonderful yet USEFUL surprises will not only get people talking about your event on social networks but will bring them back to your event year after year.

100 Silent Auction and Raffle Ideas for your next Fundraiser


Think outside the box when you're committee is brainstorming auction items for your next fundraising event. Start with your own committee members and their networks. Who you do you know? What can you provide as a gift? What's trending now? Once you have gather all of your items, group similar items together to auction them off as packages. The more items you package together, the higher the bid. Take a look at our list below

4 Ways to Show Your Clients Some Valentine’s Love


  The month of February is all about love. It’s the month for Valentine’s Day after all. It’s good to show your clients you love and appreciate them, and this is the perfect month to focus on that. There are a few different ways you can treat them without spending a fortune. Here are four great ideas.   A Strawberry and Chocolate Cocktail Party  Cocktail parties are excellent for mingling and worth doing any time