Think outside the box when you’re committee is brainstorming auction items for your next fundraising event. Start with your own committee members and their networks. Who you do you know? What can you provide as a gift? What’s trending now? Once you have gathered all of your items, group similar items together to auction them off as packages. The more items you package together, the higher the bid. Silent auction item- Aurice Guyton Events Take a look at our list below for some auction ideas. Feel free to add to our list in the comments section below.
  1. Autographed sports memorabilia
  2. A chef cooks private dinner for two in home
  3. Watch a game from the press box and meet the players in the dressing room.
  4. Luggage
  5. Landscaping services
  6. Hotel accommodations
  7. Art pieces
  8. Electronics
  9. Complimentary will and trust preparation by a lawyer
  10. Free teeth cleaning by a dentist
  11. Free family photo session and picture
  12. Gourmet gift baskets
  13. Restaurant gift cards
  14. Store gift cards
  15. Wine cooler stocked with wine
  16. Use of a private vacation condo/timeshare
  17. 3 free oil changes
  18. A baked cake from a creative bakery
  19. Jewelry
  20. Gas card
  21. Fruit of the month club
  22. Magazine subscriptions
  23. Dessert of the month club
  24. Private plane ride to Tahoe
  25. Upcoming concert tickets/ballet/theater performance
  26. Deep tissue Massage
  27. Personal training sessions
  28. 3-month membership to….
  29. Elegantly decorated holiday wreath
  30. Cooking classes for two
  31. Wine tour and tasting package
  32. Wine or beer basket
  33. Bike
  34. Charter on the Bay for six
  35. Ipod
  36. Golf Course
  37. x amount of items dry-cleaned
  38. Car servicing (e.g. tire rotation, oil change, etc)
  39. Bouquet of flowers delivered
  40. Free storage unit for a year
  41. Movie tickets
  42. Manicure & pedicure
  43. Hair styling
  44. Gift certificates for stores (e.g. Target, Walmart, etc)
  45. Limousine ride
  46. Paintballing
  47. x number of hours painting and decorating
  48. Personal chef service for the evening
  49. Flights
  50. Golfing day
  51. Cake decorating class
  52. Painting/sculpture by a local artist
  53. Ballroom dancing lessons
  54. Personal chauffeur for the day/week
  55. Professional photography shoot with copies of photos included
  56. Kindle or Nook
  57. Convertible car rental for the weekend
  58. Basket of food from a local farm
  59. Hot air balloon ride
  60. Tickets to a theme park
  61. Segway experience
  62. Helicopter trip for two
  63. Skiing/snowboarding lessons
  64. River dinner cruise
  65. Gym membership
  66. Item autographed by sports team
  67. Gift basket
  68. Concert tickets
  69. Go Karting
  70. Makeover experience
  71. Theater tickets
  72. x number of bowling games
  73. Museum tickets
  74. Inflatable castle for a child’s birthday party
  75. Lunch with a local celebrity (e.g. local news anchor)
  76. Teeth whitening
  77. Designer handbag
  78. x hours of house cleaning
  79. x hours of pet walking
  80. Pet sitting for when on vacation
  81. Pottery class
  82. Tennis lessons
  83. TV show tickets
  84. Website design
  85. Gift certificates for restaurants
  86. Singing lessons
  87. Tour of brewery
  88. Private concert by local band or artist
  89. Lasik eye surgery
  90. VHS to DVD conversion
  91. Case of wine
  92. Free tax preparation
  93. Charter fishing trip
  94. Children’s birthday party entertainer
  95. Swimming pool services
  96. One pizza a week for 6 months
  97. Kayaking day out
  98. Botox
  99. Portrait by a local artist
  100. Custom-made piece of furniture
For more raffle and auction ideas, give us a call.
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