So your nonprofit needs to raise money and you’re in charge of putting together a fundraising event.  When planning your event, make sure you avoid these 4 common mistakes made by other non-profit organizations. 1. Relying too heavily on youth volunteers– Although the money that  you are looking to raise will benefit the pee-wee basketball league, the cheerleading squad or the high school football team, relying too much on teenagers or youth for important parts of your program will be disastrous.  Let the youth enjoy the program and leave the heavy lifting to the adults. This may mean that you need to hire servers, staff, and set up  and tear down crews to do the work instead. 2. Trying to become too big to fast: Just because the American Heart Association had their annual fundraiser at a five star hotel with trapeze acts, and flying monkeys, and raised millions, doesn’t mean it will work for you. If your budget allows for your organization to host an event at a hotel ballroom or the high school gym, then that’s where you need to have it. This is especially true  if this is your first or second event.  Do what your budget will allow. Furthermore, your organization doesn’t need to have a gala. Stick with a simple fundraiser. 3. Overestimating your following: Yes your Pet rescue non-profit is a good cause and everyone loves cuddly dogs and cats but that doesn’t mean you will have everyone’s financial support. If this is your first time hosting a fundraiser, start small and low- key. Gauge your supporters by the number that are closely connected with the organization or encourage everyone to sell a certain number of tickets to ensure you have a good attendance. 4. Only using ticket sales to raise money. There are a multitude of fundraising activities an organization can do to raise money (besides a silent auction, which actually doesn’t generate that much money). The right event planner or fundraising expert can help guide a non-profit event to make thousands of dollars.  Activities such as Dessert Dash, Head or Tails and Fund-A-Need are great ways to get your attendees involved, have some fun and raise a whole lot of money in the process. To learn how to plan  a fabulous fundraiser, contact us for details.
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