The month of February is all about love. It’s the month for Valentine’s Day after all. It’s good to show your clients you love and appreciate them, and this is the perfect month to focus on that. There are a few different ways you can treat them without spending a fortune. Here are four great ideas.   A Strawberry and Chocolate Cocktail Party  Cocktail parties are excellent for mingling and worth doing any time of the year. However, this month, focus on something that surrounds love. Chocolate covered strawberries are a popular thing on Valentine’s Day and the idea makes a great theme. You could offer a mixture of food and drinks that involve the two ingredients and then offer goody bags as customers leave. Do these parties within your business premises if you can. It gives customers a chance to browse, try items out and even buy.   Offer Unexpected Services or Offers  Do a special offer through the month, or even one week of the month. These unexpected services go a long way to build business and your regular customers or clients will appreciate you more. You could have a promotion on a certain item or waiver a certain fee during the whole month to show that you care.   Send VIP Clients Goodies  Thank your VIP clients for their continued support with goody bags. Consider sending them a few free items that they usually buy, with pens or similar items with your logo on them. This not only shows them you care but gives you a marketing opportunity. The clients will use the pens, mugs, or whatever extra you send them, so others will see your logo and want to find out more. Chocolates and coffee are other items you can put in these bags.   Put on a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner  Find a time to get your clients together to network. If you can’t do a cocktail party, consider doing a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pick a restaurant that is within budget but reputable and classy and then invite a few clients along. It gives them a chance to network with each other and you a chance to talk to them face to face.   It’s important to show your clients you love and appreciate them, and what better time than the month of love? Above are just four ideas, but you’ll be able to think of something that suits your company style exactly.
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