The life a small business owner can be daunting. We all know that small businesses are the backbone of America representing 99 percent of all U.S. businesses and wearing multiple hats come with the territory. The small business owner has to be the salesman, marketer, accounting, QC, IT and everything in between. With so much to do, marketing usually gets put on the back burner but it shouldn’t. EVENT MARKETING written on blackboard background high resolution A little creative marketing and drive lots of traffic to your business. One type of marketing that some businesses don’t consider is Event Marketing. Event marketing for small business is one of the most effective marketing tools to attract new potential customers, leads, and even affiliates to your business. Here are 5 reasons ways event marketing can drive year-around sales.
  1. Increase Visibility- Is your company in an area that doesn’t get much traffic. Or maybe you have a home based business and you rely on social media to promote your product or service. Hosting an event can make people aware of your services, location of your business and what makes you stand out from your competitors.
  2. Increase your brand Awareness- Go where your customers like to go. Take your products to trade shows, festivals or other events that give you the opportunity to get in front of your market. Building brand awareness in your community can increase your sale dramatically.
  3. Introduce prospective customers to your business- By hosting events, you can direct connections you’re your customers by conduct demos, showcase your newest product or service or giving an educational seminar on your services. It has been shown that these direct connections are truly the best ways to gain new customers as well as visibility.
  4. Generate leads and affiliates- Hosting or participating in a marketing event can provide your business with exclusive access to your target audience and turn an everyday occurrence, such as a meeting, sporting event, or visit to the mall into a memorable one.
  5. Leverage other marketing methods you already use. By hosting events, you will finally have a place to pass out those pens, water bottles and other promotional materials you ordered by haven’t gotten around to distribute.
Many small business owners believe that event marketing can be expensive and time-consuming, but with the right team behind you, it doesn’t have to be. Although there are many ways to reach your customers, putting effort into a special event may help your business stand out from the rest of the pack. A creative event planner can plan a very successful event on a small budget and with the use of social media platforms, your event can get the recognition you desire.
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