5 tech tools to increase engagement at your next event

Event planners are constantly on the hunt to find products to increase engagement at events. Here’s a roundup of 5 of the newest technology products to use at your meetings and events.

1. Crowd Mics

Crowd Mics uses the audience’s phones as wireless mics! And text commenting and live polling let everyone engage. The crowd’s voice is heard…they feel a real connection to the event/meeting…interaction skyrockets…you are the hero and we smile!


2. Live Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feed

Many companies such as Tangible InteractiveEventstagr.am and Crowdreactive provide live feeds for you event.

social media wall

 Social Media Walls display crowd-sourced tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook post on venue screens. Think of it as a live conversation visualizer that encourages guests to post as the action happens. Using their own smartphones, event guests tweet and post with the hashtag created by you. It’s a creative way to generate a positive online impression about the event and brand and it also looks great. Guests can’t help but take part again and again as they see their content displayed dynamically on venue screens.



3. Catchbox


Whether you are planning to host a conference, meeting or lecture, the Catchbox can help you make your next event memorable and productive by getting audiences engaged and part of the conversation. Designed for small conferences, workshops, and lectures with up to 100 people, the Catchbox 2.4 is a complete wireless microphone system

No more wondering whether the mic is on, or having audience members switch the mic off by accident. The Catchbox has no outside buttons and no blinking lights to distract and confuse the user. Instead, the only thing the audience needs to know is that you talk into the foam circle (x marks the spot). Easy.


4. Vine Wall



Vine Wall turns your event guests into six second movie makers. It encourages them to document and share the good times, right there and then – online, and on-screens at the venue.

To participate, all they need is a smartphone with the Vine app installed. Guests shoot Vine videos, tag them with your hashtag and post to Vine. At the event, set a content theme, run a super-short film making competition or just let guests go with the flow. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to appeal to their creative streak.

Vine Wall is the perfect crowd-sourced video visualizer for events. It looks amazing, is infectious and helps you generate positive social media echo.


5. LCD Gaffiti Wall

LCD Graffiti Wall

LCD Graffiti is a stunning creative opportunity that draws a crowd and helps install a positive brand impression at events. Designed for small venues where space is at a premium, LCD Graffiti can also be used outdoors under cover during daylight hours – a first for digital graffiti.

Participants simply grab a digital spray can and go for it. They can select paint colours, nozzle widths, your branded backgrounds, stencils and digital stickers, and then share their artwork right there by email, twitter or Facebook.