One frequently asked question I receive as a planner is “How do I find event sponsors?”. After years of events, I’ve found that these 6 tips improved my chances at finding an event sponsor. They’ve worked well for my organization and I’m happy to get to share them with you! Here’s a few tips in getting quality sponsors for your next event. Do Your Homework When putting together your proposal for a potential sponsor, you want to have a few questions answered. Sponsors want to know how funding your event will benefit their company, and this is where you’ll tell ‘em! Provide figures, planning information and a sense of excitement for the event. Inspire sponsors, express the dedication you have to making this event happen and how you want to help their company grow. Sponsors want to know WHAT they will gain from funding your event. Provide them with what types of people will be at your event and the estimated amount of people their brand will reach. Give them the reasons WHY they should sponsor your event. Having a similar target audience as your sponsor helps. Mostly importantly, HOW will your sponsor’s company be advertised throughout the event? Include WHERE guests will see their brand and how many impressions funding your event will make. Come up with what form and format you plan to use to get their message across. Show them you are serious and have done your homework! Give Event Sponsors Value The key to finding event sponsors is offering them value. How you can do it varies on the type of event you are planning. Whether your event is a small, online event or you’re hosting a large formal event, the sponsor’s goals remain the same. They want to grow their business, maintain social responsibility and be known as thought leaders in their industry. When your target audiences match, you can develop a suite of high value sponsorship option. Put yourself in their shoes, how can they impact attendees in a way that moves the needle for their objects. Ultimately, you want to help the sponsors implement programs that add real value to attendees. When you focus on the quality of sponsorship, the results lie in success for your organization as well as your sponsor. Customize Sponsorship Time to scrap the traditional tiered sponsorship packages, hit them with a fresh offer! Conventional packages do not benefit, or event interest, all event sponsors. To find event sponsors, you need to know the wants and desires of their brand. Customizing a package around this idea will connect with the sponsor and ideally get your event up and running. These packages can include key aspects such as: social media marketing, e-mail marketing, logo placement and more. The possibilities are endless and each sponsor is different. The goals of your sponsor must be fulfilled to get funded. If their goal is to recruit new talent, let them table at your event. Discuss how incorporating them into your marketing campaign will increase brand exposure. For a trending feature, have them sponsor your social media wall and WiFi. Big bonus if you incorporate the company name into the WiFi password! What a good way to make an impact in the minds of your attendees. For thought leaders, offer the CEO or high ranking manager a key speaking spot one day during your multi day conference Timing The time of year you ask for money is important. A lot of companies have their fiscal budgets set by February, leaving you a small window for finding an event sponsor. I prefer to start soliciting in November or December. The holidays are around the corner, plenty of days off and enough time to work you into their budget. If they don’t have the sponsorship funds at that time, ask if you can reach out at a later date for future events. Be sure to note the best follow up times for you to contact again. In-Kind Trades Bartering with sponsors is a great way to work together, you never know what you have to offer each other! Trading services or products can provide a middle ground for those with a small budget. Consider in-kind trades, such as: using corporate space to hold event, sponsoring the reception or lunch, or bringing in their staff as volunteers. Provide Details From Past Events A good way to find event sponsors is to provide them with demographics from past events. Offering these metrics gives sponsors insight on your marketing reach. Give details like number of attendees, partners involved and sponsors you’ve worked with. Remember, when reaching out find event sponsors focus on what you can offer them. Work together to create an exciting campaign that can hype the event and inspire your sponsor. A good partnership with your sponsor can generate good leads for their company as well as your organization for future events!
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