The best brand activations create a well of trust, build upon client relationships and spark a tide of loyalty among prospects and active customers alike. Many of you may consider brand activations to be “any old marketing campaign,” but brand activations are designed specifically to create a deeper relationship – and a long-lasting bond with customers. The benefit to companies is ROI in spades – in the form of repeat engagements and purchases, referrals, positive reviews and more. Brand activations certainly allow for creativity and flexibility – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t adhere to best practices. Read on for nine proven methods that can help your brand stand out and make your brand activation worth the work.
  1. Brand Ambassadors. You can only do so much on your own, and you can only amplify your brand so much in a single ad. Enter the power of the brand ambassador: a human being who talks about your brand on your behalf. And by “talks”, we mean hype it up, overflow with positivity and enthusiasm. For a brand engagement to be successful in the form of an event of any kind, enlist a small army of brand ambassadors to work your crowd and to act as a seemingly organic cheerleader. 
  2. SWAG. Because who doesn’t love free stuff? Enough said. And, if you’re thoughtful about your swag and you make it an item that people will truly use and enjoy, you’ll be amazed at the lasting brand value it delivers over time.
  3. Permits. Don’t learn the hard way. Permits are a necessity, especially if your brand engagement is happening in a city park or street. You typically require explicit permission from your city to host events in these spaces.
  4. Engaging activities. So, how do you plan to get people’s attention? Cartwheels? A music band? Dancing robots? You will have to work to gain a crowd’s attention.
  5. Media. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to engage with your local media. Local media can amplify your coverage by taking an average event and multiplying its reach. Media also helps to establish your credibility and brand.
  6. Social media engagement. If people can’t show up to your activation, no worries. Social media is a great way to engage with prospects. Encourage people to post and/or share your posts to receive something in return, such as a free trial or gift.
  7. Super fans. Super fans are like brand ambassadors on steroids. They are people who already love your brand – and they want to tell everyone they know. You can leverage this by asking them to promote you to family, friends, and across their social media networks.
  8. Color. Now is not the time to blend in. Make your set up fun, exciting and colorful to attract passersby.
  9. Call to action. Sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how often this one is missed. Think about what you want your visitor to do at your activation. Do you want them to sign a form? Follow you on social channels? Make a purchase? Whatever it is, make your call to action strong and clear.
  Brand activations can be an event in and of themselves. But they are also a natural addition to existing events such as conferences. Consider a brand activation for your next event, as you may discover that you’re creating efficiencies across your budget and resources. And, don’t forget these 9 best practices for success. Have a question about a brand activation and what it can do for your brand or event? Contact us here, we’re happy to help.
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