The events industry continues to grow back stronger than ever and that’s great news as we enter a fresh new year. However, as an event planning professional, I approach every event with the comfort and safety of guests in mind. This was my approach even before Covid. Rest assured, that as we start now planning your future event, I am armed with the most recent information from health professionals, risk mitigation professionals, and the CDC. This is why I feel confident about getting excited as we enter 2022. Happy New Year! As always, thank you for joining me on this journey.  

Welcome Lianca Lyons to the Team

Please join me in welcoming Lianca Lyons to the Aurice Guyton Events team.
Lianca is an experienced event assistant with over 15 years under her belt. Her personal mantra, “Provide solutions, not excuses” has helped her to plan successful events for brands like NYX Cosmetics, JustFab, and Manduka.
As a strategic partner and event planner, she’s planned private vacations, corporate retreats, off-site events, and corporate holiday parties.
Her goal is to make the planning of your event as smooth and easy as possible.
Welcome to the team, Lianca!

Easy Idea to Help Your Guests Feel Safer

While more people are venturing out without masks, others still feel more comfortable observing more strict safety precautions.

This is an easy way for your guests to communicate their level of comfort in public settings without putting anyone on the spot.

Simply get colored stickers for name tags and allow guests to select the color sticker that represents their level of comfort when mingling in a group.

Make sure you communicate this clearly at check-in and your guests will be able to relax a little more and enjoy your event.

What else you can do as host:

  • Provide masks at the door and request event attendees wear them. You can add branding to the masks to make wearing them a little more fun, especially at corporate events
  • Request proof of vaccination either at the door, or at the time of registration
  • Request attendees take a rapid Covid test prior to attending the event
  • Request negative-covid test from all attendees regardless of vaccination status
  • Ask attendees to scan their temperatures before entering the event
  • Continue to encourage people to keep a safe distance

Thank you to ILEA (International Live Events Association) for creating this awesome color coded diagram to use at their events and sharing the idea with the rest of us. It’s such an awesome idea!


Statistics Say… The Events Industry is Back!

Hosts and attendees alike say they are ready to get back to in-person events according to Splash’s 2021 Outlook Report

Event marketing technology company, Splash, surveyed event professionals and attendees to create their 2022 Outlook Report.

According to the report:

  • In-person events are on their way back: 50% of companies plan to host more in-person events in 2022
  • Virtual events remain popular: 92% of companies continued hosting virtual events even when in-person events resumed, and 46% plan to host more virtual events in 2022 than they did in 2021
  • Hybrid events offer the best of both worlds: 79% of companies expect to host hybrid events in 2022.
  • More companies are increasing their events budgets: 38% of companies increased their event marketing budgets compared to only 28% in 2020

  The way we plan and host events may have changed permanently after a two-year pandemic. Many of those changes, however, were good. And, we’ve seen virtual and hybrid events gain in popularity allowing companies to reach even more people.


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