There’s a lot more thought that goes into catering decisions than deciding if you want the spicy wings or the mild. One of the biggest decisions you must make – even before deciding on a menu – is to figure out whether you want drop-catering or full-service catering.    Confused? You’re not the only one. The truth is, food can lead to a make-or-break. Think about some of the events you have attended. Do you recall weddings or corporate events where the food was just…well, amazing? And how do you feel when you attend an event and the food feels a bit bland, or even cheap?    The reality is, food is more than food at events; it’s all about how you want your guests to feel. It’s an opportunity to surprise your attendees, delight them. Depending on the event type and who will be in the audience, you can decide if drop catering or full-service is more appropriate. Read on to understand the difference between each.   Drop catering: pros and cons   Drop catering has an appeal because it’s easy. It’s all about the basic setup, easy cleanup, and simple spreads. Think: box lunches. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be tasty, but it’s a simple, picnic-like offering. There’s no need for fancy décor or platters.    However, that doesn’t mean there’s no staff involved. There’s still the need to manage the food, handle the cleanup and remove all the trash.    Pros: Easy. Likely cost savings. Simple to manage. Cons: You risk a bare-bones impression. You may be limited on what food can be offered in a drop catering format.    Full-service catering: pros and cons   The biggest benefits of full-service catering are impression and creativity. You have a lot more room to wiggle. You have the option of flexing your creative muscles with enticing food displays, thematic signage, and posh décor. More options, more choices (and yes, more budget).    Pros: Make your vision come to life. Impress your guests. Drive brand value.  Cons: Staff is always required to manage the food and cleanup. And you’re going to be spending more since full-service requires more set up.    Have a question about catering? We’re here to help. We’re well connected to a slew of premium caterers who specialize in both drop-ship and full-service. We can walk through your event with you,  your budget, and your vision and help guide you to the best catering for your event. 
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