You have to work hard to get attendees to show up to your event – and be thrilled to be there. Remember, they’re giving up a large part of their day or week for you, and foregoing other priorities in their personal or professional lives to be there. This means you need to bring them to locations and activities that are worthy of their attendance. In other words: a blasé restaurant lunch or day in the park just won’t do. Instead, pull inspiration from these 10 ideas for exciting activities and locations that are sure to have your invitees RSVPing in waves.

Here are 10 fun Themes for your Corporate Offsites

  1. Cook-Off. Turn up the heat and fire up the competition. Your event participants can channel their inner Iron Chef and showcase their cooking skills in a lively hands-on cooking class. A kitchen environment inspires friendly competition, teamwork, with some messy fun thrown in.
  2. Bowling party. News flash: bowling is cool again. Your teammates can blow off some steam, have a lot of laughs and unwind in a groovy bowling alley, complete with hipster cocktails and unlimited chicken wings.
  3. A day at the beach. Imagine – sand castles, icy cocktails (with the obligatory mini umbrellas), and volleyball. Yes, the beach can be the ideal offsite where teams can come together and enjoy the meditative sounds of the waves. Grilled lobster and fish tacos for lunch seals the deal.
  4. Sushi-making class. Did someone say California rolls and edamame? Sushi making gives attendees something they may have perceived to be out of reach: the idea of making fresh sushi in their own kitchen. It makes for a fun, sophisticated afternoon. Finish the class with a special cocktail while you taste test your sushi.
  5. Escape room. Turns out that being stuck in a room with your co-workers is a ton of fun when there’s a mystery involved. Escape rooms combine pressure, teamwork, and intrigue. The result: suspense. Laughs. And a night they’ll be talking about for a long, long time.
  6. White water rafting. Buckle up, we’re going for a wild ride. Take your team on a heart-pounding white-water adventure. They’ll bond over the drops while enjoying gorgeous scenery.
  7. Zorb ball soccer. For a silly spin on soccer, use a Zorb ball instead. You know, those giant balls that act like a human hamster wheel? You get to define the rules.
  8. Ziplining. For groups that want to scale up on the adventure element, try ziplining. It’s an adrenaline rush that doesn’t get old, even for those who have tried it before. It offers a great excuse to get out into nature and catch some beautiful views from way up high.
  9. Maze adventure. Okay, who can get out of the maze first? A maze teambuilding offers a fun excuse to “get lost” (see what we did there?) and work solo or in teams for a bit of friendly competition.
  10. Courtside basketball. A basketball game is a treat, but courtside tickets to a basketball game is a coveted event. Give your team a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the game up close.
These are just a few ideas for elevating your company offsite and treating your employees to a day of unexpected fun. Want to explore some more? We’d love to hear your event goals and design a custom offsite event for you—one that you and your team won’t forget.
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