Thank You for all Your Support for the Festival!

Who would have thought that sharing the festival I’m organizing and hosting would get that type of reaction? Your support and enthusiasm have blown me away. Thank you for taking an interest in this project that is so near and dear to me. I promise to keep you updated on the festival’s progress.

While our corner of the world is still waiting for some sense of normalcy, I’m starting to see signs that the events industry is brushing the dust off and finding new ways to gather, learn, and celebrate.

It’s encouraging and gives me hope that with a heaping dose of common sense, we’ll continue to see the return of outdoor in-person events.

Speaking of fun and heartwarming outdoor events, allow me to introduce you to Ali and Christine.

2020 Couldn’t Stop Love


Congratulations to Ali and Christine

We had the pleasure of planning a surprise engagement social distancing picnic for Ali and Christine. When Ali reached out to his network and asked them if they could recommend an event planner to help carry out his vision of a surprise engagement to his girlfriend, Aurice Guyton Events was recommended by 4 separate acquaintances. Yay us! “It was a no brainer”, said Ali.

We recommended that he reserve a picnic area in Golden Gate Park. It was the perfect backdrop and provided enough space for social distancing. Our team also developed the picnic theme, sourced festive picnic-style blankets, classy wicker picnic baskets and hired caterer Chris Evans Events to prepare a delicious lunch.

Planning an event and not quite sure where to start? Let our team find the perfect outdoor venue for your needs.

Help me Choose a Festival Logo

I honestly thought picking a logo would be easier than it is. I’ve narrowed it down to two options and they are about as different from each other as they can be. Each appeals to me for different reasons.

In the spirit of sharing my festival journey with you, I have a favor to ask. Will you vote in the survey below and let me know which logo you think best represents these qualities: fun, festive, soulful, family, food, and culture?

Thank you! I will update you on the survey results in next month’s newsletter. I can’t wait to see how you vote!

Finding a Festival Venue

In past newsletters, I’ve talked a lot about venue selection. I’ve stressed how important it is to reserve a suitable venue early since so many of the most desirable spots are booked out months… and sometimes years in advance.

You might think that it would be easy to find a spot for an outdoor event like a festival, and there are options. But each comes with its own set of issues to work through. If we hold it on the street, we have to schedule road closures and if we’re in a park, the traffic flow and vendor positioning aren’t quite as straightforward.

These are the details I’m working through as I select the location for the festival. But, there’s something else I might have to deal with. As more people embrace outdoor locations for their upcoming events, demand for these spots might make it harder to find a suitable venue. So, I’m doing exactly what, in the past, I have suggested you do – I’m locking down my venue early.

Stay tuned for more festival talk next month! In the meantime, you can find more on our website: Cornbread & Collard Greens Festival

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