Sometimes, you’ve just gotta take things into your own hands. The event industry hasn’t bounced back and the way things are looking, it might be awhile. Instead of waiting, I decided to organize an event designed to nurture and inspire my guests, while keeping all safety precautions in mind. It has been a whirlwind process. But, it’s been a process that shows just how much can be accomplished when you stay on top of the market and stay in touch with your vendors. The best part is that in a matter of weeks, I’ve been able to design and execute on this amazing retreat and I’m one room away from selling out the event. Click here if you want that last room!

Introducing a Luxury Getaway in Sonoma

The VIP “Wine” Down Weekend

I love creating unique, inspiring events for my clients. But, I have to admit that creating an event as the host is even more gratifying. And, while I’m the host, with an intimate group, I get to enjoy the event through their experiences. The below flyer is a look at everything included in the weekend. A Stunning Venue The Olea Hotel is the perfect place to host this spa getaway. It’s also the perfect size for board or leadership retreats. For a boutique hotel, there is a surprising variety of room styles and the size is just right for taking over the hotel and essentially making your event feel even more exclusive and private than it is. The charm of this luxuriously appointed hotel is matched by the picturesque setting. There are five buildings scattered on the acre property and all include guest rooms. This has helped as we plan the event with social distancing in mind.

The Promise of Elegance

The Olea offers rooms, you won’t want to leave. They are well designed and offer sleek, modern decor. Many offer fireplaces and private outdoor space. All are spacious and provide a comfortable place to relax and set aside all the stress and anxiety of the past weeks and months.

These Vendors Make the Event Even More Special

I’m thrilled to be able to include so many excellent special guests for this event. I’ve published the full schedule below and want to take a quick opportunity to highlight each session leader.  

Vincente Mozell, LCSW

Imagine a weekend of mental wellness and self love workshops specifically tailored to the Black Experience lead by a professional who excels in this work. I’m excited and honored to have Vincente Mozell join us for this special offering.

Kamilah Crawford

We are fortunate to have Kamilah Crawford, owner of Serenity Skin Care, with us to offer massages to our guests during the day on Saturday. Massage is known to reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension and sounds perfect after the past several months.

Christopher Evan Taylor

Chef Christopher is the founder behind Chris Evans Catering and Events. I am thrilled to have Chris bring the “charismatic flavors of the Bay Area’s multi-cultural presence” to Sonoma as he prepares our Saturday lunch.

April Richmond

Sommelier April Richmond of Sip N Swirl Events is behind some of the most vibrant and trendy wine events in the country. April brings her many talents to our wine tasting event schedule for Saturday evening at the hotel. April is a rock star in this industry and I am honored and thrilled to have her join us.

Ainka Fulani

The retreat offers opportunities to relax, stretch, breathe, and meditate under the expert guidance of Ainka Fulani, a successful coach and certified yoga and pilates instructor. I’m looking forward to the session and feel fortunate to have Ainka join us.

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