Planning an event is not easy. If it was, professional event planners wouldn’t exist. There would be no one to help plan your wedding, conferences, and company’s social gatherings. So in order to execute the perfect event, you’ll need to hire a professional event planning company. There are hundreds to choose from and plenty of factors to consider, which means doing research important. Before you sign your next contract, use these five tips to find the best event management company for your event and successfully bring your vision to life.  

Beware the “Jack Of All Trades” Planner

As the old adage goes, all event planners are not created equally. Your best event management company will not be the one who handles corporate events, non-profits, shows, weddings, and so forth. Typically, a wedding planner and corporate planner have two different skill sets and experience – similar to two different muscle groups. Besides, you wouldn’t ask your podiatrist to perform crucial brain surgery, right? Just like you wouldn’t ask a wedding planner to organize your company’s 1000 person conference. Do your research before you reach out. Make sure they specialize in the type of events you need help with. By hiring a company who focuses solely on what you need from the start, you’ll save tons of frustration, time, and money down the road.  

Focus On Your Events Goals

Write a list of exactly what tasks you want the event planner to perform before you sit down with them. This will help you stay focused on your event goals and acts a good base for questions you’ll ask during meetings. A good planner will walk you through a discussion to learn about your organization and the events overall objectives. Including timeline, budgets, a number of attendees, and personal preferences. Do you want live animals or an aerialist for your circus-themed company party? (Aurice Guyton Event can get you both, by the way). Make sure that idea is on your list. Find out if your planner has relationships with proper vendors to handle your tasks, no matter how wild they seem at first. Whether it’s a corporate or social event, having a list ready will help your potential partner put the event into context and truly understand what you’re looking for.

Screen Potential Candidates

Like hiring an employee, screen your event planner. Listen to the way they discuss their experience, how they do business, and how they plan for contingencies. Truth is, a good event planner will also screen you. And if you’re hitting it off good, the process should be fun, mutual, and easy. If the vibe between you and your planner isn’t good, they probably won’t put together that awesome event you’re looking for. Make sure they have the ability to fulfill your desired outcome and trust your instinct.

If You See Something, Say Something

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Since you’re doing the hiring, you have to find out if what they’re selling is the truth. Anyone can steal pictures from the internet to claim as their own. Ask them about the events on their website. Specific questions about the photos. Make sure the events they claim to have planned, were actually planned by them.  

Shoot For Five Stars

There’s no hiding your reputation on the Internet anymore. Whether it’s Yelp!, Google or industry-specific directories, your planner’s reputation is out there and it’s up to you to find it. Is your planner known around town for producing killer events? Or are they not known at all? Get as much information as you can about their staff, customers, and their past experiences. You can always ask for recent references from clients with similar events to yours. An event planner with a good reputation is golden. You know they won’t want to tarnish their career, will bend over backward for you, and will make sure you’re 100% satisfied with their work.

Final Words

Before you sign that contract, make sure your event planning company is everything you want. From specializing in your type of events, to having a good personality and reputation, refer to these 5 tips on how to find the best event management company for your company’s next event.
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