There’s no denying the rapid rise of Bridgerton’s popularity. If you aren’t yet aware of the show, it is the first project produced by Shonda Rhimes in her deal with Netflix.  Each episode offers a feast for all of the senses making the show, the perfect source of inspiration for just about any event. The show offers outdoor venues for formal and informal events which should give those who prefer to plan an outdoor event plenty of ideas. Let’s take a look at two ideas for ways you can take a common event and turn it into an extravaganza with ideas courtesy of Bridgerton.  

Turn a Simple Picnic into an Elegant Affair

  Canopy Throughout the pandemic, picnics have provided an option for those celebrating special occasions in their lives. And, picnics remain a popular option.  How can you create the luxe look from Regency England for your next picnic? Start with a standard canopy frame and take inspiration from the beautiful dresses found in every ballroom scene and drape the frame with elegant fabrics combined with tulle or organza. If you want to add a little romance, weave delicate wire LED light strands under the sheer fabrics, attaching the battery case to the frame.   Food If you enjoy the elegant dresses, luxurious decor, and gorgeous scenery found in Bridgerton, you probably also find your mouth watering at the abundance and types of food found on every table. Of course, piling more food onto a table than can reasonably be consumed by your guests is no longer en vogue, so achieve the same elaborate table by presenting the food in a way that mimics the displays found on the show. Use real china, crystal, pewter, sterling, or silver plate serving pieces to set a stunning table. Or, dress up more common table items with organza ribbons and lace to add a special touch.       If canopies and tents aren’t part of the plan, provide your guests with parasols to shade them from the sun and fans to give them relief from the heat. And, create a luxurious space by spreading rugs and throw pillows covered in elegant fabrics. You can find other ways to add the Bridgerton touch shared in the ideas for hosting a formal event.   

Host an Awe-Inspiring Gala

After more than a year spent social distancing, your guests will be ready for an event that celebrates the joys of being together. And, the luxury and beauty of the Bridgerton sets give plenty of ideas for galas. If you haven’t watched Bridgerton, it only takes about 15 minutes to get a feel for just how many ideas you can glean from the show to put into play for your event.   Invitations, Place Cards & Menus Look no further than Lady Whistledown’s Gossip sheet for inspiration here. Create tri-fold invitations or menus out of a stiff parchment and use a calligraphy font to keep your paper products in keeping with the style. You might also add a formal wax seal for a special touch. Inspiration also comes from the feathers and flowers we see throughout the show. You can use fresh or dried flowers or tiny white feathers on place cards, menus or name tags. Taking name tags a step further, think about adorning the name tags of employees or volunteers in their first year of service with a white feather at their first event. Dignitaries might have a red ribbon a la the invitation to take tea with the queen.   Music The music from the show is absolutely divine and suitable for just about any occasion. Imagine a string quartet playing the original score or the classical covers of modern songs. Songs like, Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams,” Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next,” and Billie Eilish’s “bad guy” are a few of those covered on the show by the Vitamin String Quartet.  Whether you hire a string quartet or a DJ, the music from Bridgerton will provide the perfect atmosphere for your next picnic, gala, fundraiser, or cocktail party.   Set (Venue) Design Sometimes our vision for the event we’re planning does not match up with the available venues. This is where I come in. We might not have the castles and courtyards featured in Bridgerton, but with smart design and artful staging, we can create a venue that matches your vision. One thing they do particularly well in Bridgerton is to create an entrance. There are plenty of long halls and elegant stairways. Remember Daphne and the Duke as they strolled down the long walk to the dancefloor after they agreed to their ruse. Or perhaps it was Daphne’s elegant entrance down the winding staircase with the walls draped with flowers and the prince standing at the foot of the stairs. With strategic lighting, the use of runners, and a properly designed venue, you can create a space that delivers a high-impact entrance for your guests. Clothing   The costumes! Oh my, the costumes. The beautiful fabrics used to make the clothing from the Regency Period in Bridgerton are luxurious and romantic. The great thing is they can be adapted to almost any event. And, you can gain inspiration from these wonderful fabrics without hosting a costume party. Tablecloths, napkins, curtains, room dividers, throw pillows, area rugs, tents, stage drapes, and chair covers all turn into something special when made from or accented with the brocades, silks, satins, tulles, and organzas seen on the show. A simple picnic turns into a luxurious event when you replace the blue tarp canopy covers with organza or tulle, then weave wire lights through the fabric and add floral bouquets at the corners of the frame.     Entertainment Bridgerton features one form of entertainment repeatedly throughout the show – opera. Yes, it’s music but as it is used as entertainment, I’ve included it here. Opera is powerful and intimate and makes a wonderful form of entertainment for the right event type. Of course, dancing is seen in almost every episode – if not every episode – and is a popular activity at any event. If you want to treat your guests to something special, surprise them with a quick ballroom dancing lesson or demonstration before opening the dance floor to all. While it only happens once, the contortionist entertaining Queen Charlotte is a memorable event and along with trapeze artists offer memorable entertainment for your guests as well. Of all the amazing and beautiful ideas you can pick up from this period drama, there’s one you should leave out of your plans… don’t plan on hoisting candle-filled chandeliers over your guests’ heads. After all, you don’t want hot wax dripping on them all night, do you? Are you ready to plan your Bridgerton-inspired event? Which of these ideas will you incorporate into your theme?
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