There’s a lot of speculation about what the best day to hold a conference is. Fridays give traveling attendees the chance to sightsee over a long weekend. Wednesday breaks up the work week just right. And no one in their right mind would hold an intellectual event over the weekend! With all the information out there, how should you know when to get the best attendance rate out of your next conference?  

Attendees Prefer Tuesday Through Thursday

Successful single and multi-day events are held mid-week, preferably Tuesday through Thursday. Conferences offer attendees the opportunity to gain new skills. Discover what innovations are happening in the industry. And network with colleagues. Employers consider conferences and events “work time”.  It only makes sense their employees would prefer to attend a conference during the workweek. Weekends are meant for family, friends, and fun without work getting in the way. Holding a mid-week conference offers a breath of fresh air for busy professionals. Literally. Allowing them the opportunity to get out of the office and educate themselves in a creative environment. It complements the work week rather than disrupts their personal lives. Wednesdays make for the best day for conferences, whether single or multi-day. Traveling attendees can take Tuesday to settle into the city and relax before the conference. SWAG tip- airfare is generally less expensive on Tuesday. A thoughtful measure your attendees will be happy about.  

Break Up Monotonous Mondays For Multi-Day Conferences

Mondays hold a special place in our weekly workflow. Accompanied by a strong cup of coffee, the average worker takes Monday to catch up from their weekend off. It’s the day to catch up on e-mails, contact clients and set your planner for the week. Don’t be discerned by a Monday start for multi-day conferences. Better to begin on Monday than end on a Friday. Start midday so you don’t interrupt attendees relaxing Sundays and give them time to travel in early Monday morning.  

Hold On Fridays in Destination Locations

Avoid Friday conferences when you can. If you’re like the rest of us, Friday’s are meant to daydream about a weekend hiking trip. Or that family trip to your mother-in-laws. Should your final day be a Friday, end your content sessions at lunch and give attendees the afternoon to do as they please. Destination locations like Vegas and New York bend the conventional Friday conference rules. Attendees love the idea of combining your conference with a weekend getaway with colleagues. Giving them a chance to explore a city they may have never seen otherwise. Consider your audience when planning your next conferences date and times. How many delegates are traveling long distances to get there? What tourist attractions does your host city have to offer? Whether you’re planning an AACR conference or the next Marketing Innovations Summit, hold your conference between Tuesday and Thursday to get the best attendance rate.
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