As fall closes in and the days start to get shorter, we look forward to gathering with friends and family for the fall and winter holidays. This year, no matter how much of an “all clear” we get from the powers that be, our minds are still thinking about Covid and how we can gather safely with our friends and family. In this newsletter, I’ll share with you a few ideas for making this Thanksgiving a festive gathering for the whole family while keeping safety top of mind. How Will You Celebrate? Cook, Eat Out, or Order In This Thanksgiving, one of the safest options for your celebration is a professionally prepared meal served in your home. While there are plenty of caterers and restaurants preparing food for takeout, not so many will have plans or the staff to serve a catered meal on a holiday. This means part of your planning needs to include taking delivery of the food early, making space for food storage and then prepping and reheating it for the big feast. Of course, food storage and food prep would be on the menu if you were preparing your own meal. Imagine spending more of that time with the people you love.

Setting the Table

Even with restrictions lifting, many are still concerned about safety and are getting creative when it comes to gathering around the holiday table. One idea is to dine outdoors. This is especially helpful if you are bringing multiple families together. It’s a great way to provide enough space for everyone and it’s easy to find fun outdoor activities to entertain the whole family. Another option is to arrange multiple dining setups spread out indoors to allow for social distancing. You can even go with a hybrid of the two which is a great idea for those with family members vulnerable to the virus. However you choose to celebrate, we hope you have a joyful gathering filled with good food and plenty of catching up with loved ones.

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On Friday, October 23 at 1:00pm Pacific, I welcome Kelly Finley the Founder and Designer at Joy Street Designs and Ariana Makau the Founder of Nzilani Glass Conservation. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce these amazing business women and founders to my Facebook audience. You can register here! This Facebook live presentation is sponsored by Join me on my Facebook page. The 2020 Stock Sistar Summit Rocked Vegas! The world is slowly starting to open up and we in the events industry couldn’t be happier. I’ve just arrived home after organizing the 3rd Annual Stocks and Stilettos conference in Las Vegas. The city is now allowing indoor events with up to 250 guests to take place and it was the perfect location for this event. The conference was held at the Aria Resort and Casino and was the first event they hosted since Covid. Of course, we adhered to all of the CDC guidelines and made adjustments in the program as needed. Safety is always a top priority. The event was a huge success, even better than the 2019 event and the feedback from the guests indicates they’re looking forward to next year’s event. If you’re planning an event and want to make sure it is organized with every safety precaution taken, we’ve got you covered.

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