We’ve finished up a busy summer planning and managing some spectacular events. And, we’re looking forward to an exciting lineup of fall and winter events.

As we say goodbye to summer, we often find ourselves wanting to throw that final summer bash. In this issue, I’ll share some ideas to help you pull together a last-minute event that will make everyone happy… even your CFO.

The SF Asian Art Museum provided a majestic venue to celebrate 155 years of the San Francisco Marin Medical Society’s physician advocacy

It was a great honor to help the San Francisco Marin Medical Society (SFMMS) celebrate 155 years of physician advocacy.

Our team scouted the venue for the event and secured the Asian Art Museum. The museum is wonderful and provided an elegant space for mingling and it provided ample meeting and stage space for speeches and presentations.

Designing floor plans is one of my specialties and you can see the layout for this event in the photo above. For this event, I recommended we go with low boys with cabaret style seating to create a more casual atmosphere.

This casual atmosphere helped encourage our guests to mingle, enjoy their meal, and network among friends and professional acquaintances.

Our team also coordinated with the AV team to make sure everything went smoothly with setup and that they had everything they needed for the event.

One challenge for this particular event was providing a filling, but cost-efficient menu. We negotiated with the catering company and they delivered beautifully.

At the last minute, our client asked if we could find a dance group to provide entertainment. With a week to go, I made several phone calls and am delighted we secured the Chitresh Das Youth Company.

Adding the dance group was a great call on the client’s part because the guests thoroughly enjoyed watching these wonderful young dancers.

I’ve enjoyed helping with this event in the past and look forward to working with the SFMMS well into the future.

Fun ideas to help you host a last-minute, family-friendly summer bash

School has already started in a lot of cities, but that doesn’t mean the end-of-summer celebrations have to end.

If you want to pull together a last minute event for your employees, family, or neighborhood friends, check out these ideas for ways to pull together an event that’s fun for all ages.

Picnic in the Park

If you don’t need to rent covered event space, a public park offers a great way to bring everyone together. If your group is relatively large, you will want to check park requirements, but many public parks don’t limit use unless you’re renting event space.

Each person or family can bring their own blankets, easy-to-share finger foods, drinks, and perhaps a few outdoor games. Parks are a great place to toss frisbees, jump rope, fly kites or host a scavenger hunt.

Just make sure you check the park’s hours and don’t bring food or drinks not allowed.

Movie Night in the Neighborhood

Whether you set up an outdoor theater in your neighborhood, or on the campus where your business is located, movie night is always fun for all ages.

All you need is an outdoor screen and projector and some yummy snacks and you’re all set.

Of course, you can couple this with a pajama party and picnic for an extra special evening.

Field Day Fun & Games

Organize a mini Olympics-style event with games like sack races, three-legged races, hula hoop contests, and non-competitive events like chasing bubbles made with large bubble wands and coloring on concrete with chalk.

Really go all-in by starting your event with a bike parade. Provide streamers, balloons, and other fun decorations, and then have a mini parade around the neighborhood or your business parking lot that’s been closed off to traffic.

Then, after everyone has worked up an appetite, end your event with a cookout or bring in a food truck or two so the adults can rest and relax too.

Other ideas include a crafting workshop, ice cream social, or a board game tournament

Just remember to communicate the details and any necessary instructions in advance, and ensure that the activities are suitable for a variety of age groups.

By keeping things simple and focusing on fun and togetherness, you can create memorable family-friendly events in no time and at very little expense.

Great ideas to help you host a last-minute, adult-focused summer bash

Sometimes those end-of-summer parties are a time for adults to celebrate without the kids. The following ideas can deliver optimal fun and can be organized relatively quickly.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Organize a wine and cheese tasting event in a backyard or a cozy indoor space. Provide a variety of wines and cheeses for guests to sample and enjoy.

Make the event more inclusive by providing plenty of non-alcoholic wines, beers and plenty of nibbles other than cheese for those who can’t eat cheese.

If you really want to jazz it up, hire a band or DJ to keep the music and conversation flowing.

An alternative idea is to organize a pub crawl. If your group is small, stick together. If your organizing for a large group, split up into smaller groups and map out your pub crawl so groups don’t overlap and risk overwhelming crowded bars and restaurants.

Beach Bonfire or Sunset Picnic

If you’re near a beach or a lakeside area, organize a bonfire evening. Provide seating, marshmallows for toasting, and a playlist for a relaxing and enjoyable night by the water.

Encourage everyone to bring their favorite picnic dishes and drinks. You might not need sunscreen for evening festivities, but you’ll want to bring bug repellant.

Before everyone tucks in for dinner, work up an appetite with a game of beach volleyball.

Food Truck Karaoke

Combine two easy entertainment ideas into one with Food Truck Karaoke.

Partner with local food trucks to create a mini food festival. Guests can enjoy a variety of culinary delights without the need for extensive food preparation. And, the variety available allows you to cover most dietary needs. The best part, many food trucks hire out for private parties for a reasonable fee.

Once everyone has enjoyed their meal, fire up the karaoke machine and set the stage for a singing extravaganza. Provide a stage area, props, and encourage guests to showcase their singing talents. If you’re worried about people being shy, line up a few volunteers to get the show going.

When planning adult-only events, consider the preferences and interests of your guests, and try to keep things as stress-free as possible.

By focusing on creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, you can quickly organize a memorable end-of-summer celebration for your friends, neighbors, or employees to enjoy without the kids.

While these ideas can easily be pulled off without a professional event planner, I’m always happy to take the work off your plate and help. Just get in touch.

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