As we near the end of the year, I once again find myself filled with gratitude despite all that has happened in 2020. Even with a worldwide pandemic, there is so much joy to be found and created. In the events industry, the effects of Covid were felt completely and immediately. It hasn’t been easy. But, as I take stock, I can’t help but marvel at how we’ve helped each other, how we’ve redefined what events look like, and how we’ve searched for ways to make events safer for guests, hosts, and vendors long term. As we settle into the new year, we’ll have a better idea of whether there will be permanent changes to how we design and host events. After planning several successful socially distanced events during the pandemic, I have no doubt we will be gathering and celebrating with each other again soon. For now, let me say just how much I appreciate all of you.

Thank you to the Vendors Who Put the Swagger in My Swag Bags

In the events industry, we are always in need of swag for our thank you gifts for sponsors and guests. I’m fortunate to have amazing connections and want to recognize them here.

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