With the events industry bouncing back, i can think of no better way to usher in the Season of Love than by showering my vendors with some love and attention. As an event planner, it is so important to have a strong relationship with a variety of vendors offering products and services across the spectrum. These are the service providers and business owners who show up on time, do their jobs well and make me look good.  

Three Cheers for Some Very Important Members of the Aurice Guyton Events Team

From vendors who share their amazing products for VIP gifts and swag bags to vendors who keep the lights on – these are the unsung heroes of the events industry.
I don’t like to leave them unsung, so give me a minute to warm up so I can sing their praises.
These are the vendors who have helped me deliver the very best to my clients:
Banners and Signage
Audio Visual
DJ Service

Vote for Team #2 in the ILEA Designer Showcase: Event Wars

The International Live Events Association has announced a new format for their annual Designer Showcase. This year, it’s modeled after Top Chef’s Restaurant Wars and it is shaping up to be a lot of fun.

On Feb 15th, six exciting teams, made up of some of the Bay Area’s most creative event professionals will compete to create the most fabulous ‘event within an event!

Aurice Guyton Events is competing on team #2. You can sign up here.

Meet Team 2: Rentals: @casanova_event_resource Rentals: @afrfurniturerental Catering: @hughgromangroup Designer: @auriceguytonevents Lighting: @djairsun Entertainment: @djairsun Flowers: @narisevents

This event is NOT TO BE MISSED! Important networking. Great food and drink. Delightful event design. Super fun dance party.

In-Person Events May be Back…

But Virtual and Hybrid Events Are Still Going Strong

The great news here is that you have so many options and it looks like all of them are here to stay and will continue to provide viable choices for your future events.

In-Person Events

When deciding on the type of event you want to host, think about why you want it to be a live in-person event.

Be strategic on who is in the room. Creating a small, intentional invite list is one way to manage risks as we navigate the changing health and safety landscape.

The beauty of in-person events is the variety of event types you can host. Indoor parties, outdoor festivals, concerts, speeches, retreats, formal dinners, informal lunches served by favorite food truck vendors.

This year, there are two hurdles you need to clear before you get started planning…

Selecting the Right Venue

Finding appropriately sized venues for large events can be a challenge and this year may be harder than most.

Some venues are no longer open and so many people are ready to get back to in-person events that the remaining venues are booking out early.

If you have an event planned for 2022 and you have not booked your venue, don’t wait. Also, don’t worry. At Aurice Guyton Events, we have access to private venues and unique locations for events of just about any size. Get in touch and let us know what you need.

Designing and Safely Spaced Venue

Computer-aided Design may not be the most exciting service we offer, but events benefit from this service in so many ways.

The laundry list of wants for your guests – conversation areas, bars, vendor tables, gaming lounges, selfie walls, and networking space – all need to be thought of with even more space in mind.

Now, we not only have to plan for the proper flow of guests moving throughout the venue, we have the added responsibility of making sure there is enough space for our guests to easily keep their distance.

Virtual Events

Much like finding the right venue can make or break an in-person event, finding the right platform can make or break a virtual event.

So, what do you look for in a platform?

First, keep in mind that people are tired of Zoom and Google Meet-style meetings. Keep that in mind and look for a platform that has the potential to deliver something unique.

Also check on these features:

Capacity – Virtual platforms have capacity limits just like in-person venues and you want to make sure the platform you select will accommodate your attendees. You’ll also want to make sure it is an easy-to-navigate platform.

Integrations – everything from accepting payments to integrating upgraded chat platforms, integrations with third-party apps and Zapier are key to hosting virtual events, especially for small teams.

Engagement Features – Your attendees are tired of the same old Zoom meetings. They want to interact with each other. Look for a platform with a native comment system and if you can find a platform that allows integrations of other chat platforms, that’s an added bonus. You can also find platforms with speed networking and discussion table-style features.

Marketing Automations – social media and email integrations will help your speakers, sponsors, and attendees share your event and will help you nurture and sell to your audience.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events can offer the best of both worlds, but they can also be tricky to coordinate.

It’s a challenge to make sure those accessing the streaming venue feel included in the event and the cost of hiring the right technical crews to pull off a seamless event may not be worth it.

Now that virtual and hybrid events are no longer a novel concept, companies are springing up with new ways to coordinate food and entertainment so everyone feels included.

If you need ideas or help in planning your next virtual or hybrid event, I’m happy to consult with you to make sure your event runs well and leaves everyone with a great impression.

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