Thank you for an Amazing Year!

priscilla-du-preez-bJPn27RFg0Y-unsplash As we prepare for the exciting rush of holiday events allow us to share our gratitude to our clients, vendors, hosts, and guests for an absolutely amazing 2019 event season. You are why we love what we do!

Host Memorable Events that Drive Engagement with Your Brand

 We don’t often think about holiday parties as a way to drive engagement with our brand because our priority is to show appreciation for those who are important to our business success. If executed well, though, there are ways to do both. Our team had a wonderful opportunity to work with The Best Me conference last month. To help build excitement the host offered a new spin on the branded “selfie wall.” Best Me Wall1

Use Color, Texture, and Subtle Branding to Evoke Moods for Photo Walls

Event attendees heard from inspiring speakers and a traditional logo wall would have been out of place for the uplifting mood of the summit. Each wall offered a different look and feel to match the inspirational messages attendees received over the course of the event.   BestMe2  

This Interactive Wall is Perfect for Posing

You can combine branding, dynamic design, and attendee involvement for a more personal experience for your guests. The interactive wall above includes inspirational messages written by event attendees. Your guests will feel like the center of attention and that’s a powerful way to share your brand values.

best of me3-1best me4

  These next-level selfie walls encouraged interaction and you can tell by the images shared on social media, conference guests were inspired by each unique design.

 Please Welcome Erica VanLandingham to the Team!

We are excited to announce the addition of Erica VanLandingham to the Aurice Guyton Events team. Erica joins us as an Event Production Manager and brings a wealth of experience to the role. image   Most recently, Erica did an outstanding job serving as the volunteer coordinator for Oaktoberfest. We are so happy to have Erica join us so we can continue to exceed the expectations of our clients and guests.

CAD May Not be Sexy… but it Ensures Comfort and Safety for Your Guests

 And, it can Save Your Bacon if the Fire Marshall Comes Calling

 Computer-aided Design may not be the most exciting service we offer, but events benefit from this service in so many ways.  It’s easy to look at an event space and create a laundry list of wants. You envision all the ways to use the space for your guests – conversation areas, bars, vendor tables, gaming lounges, selfie walls, and networking space. The problem is those floor plans the venue provides don’t typically include maps for traffic flow and egress. And, the Fire Marshall will pay attention to these details, especially if you are in a public space or are serving alcohol. The following images show the CAD design our team produced for the Built By Girls Summit and a photograph of the finished results. You can see there is plenty of room for guests to move around and we were still able to include conversation areas. CAD1 CAD2                  

Photo Credit to @stayreddyphotography


Want to Make the Best use of Your Event Space?

Finding and designing venues is one of our superpowers at Aurice Guyton Events. Whether you’re in a mad rush to find an event for an upcoming holiday party or you have plans to host an event in 2020 or later, give us a call at 510-731-4425 and let us put our superpower to work for you. … and We’re Closing Out the Year Strong!

 Nov. 16-17 – Newtype Buildcon 2019

Our team had a lot of fun pulling together the Newtype Buildcon event. We handled venue management as well as overall logistics and coordination of the event. It was a fun challenge to create a space appropriate for panels, workshops, speakers, a contest, and a vendor exhibit hall. MVIMG_20191116_123903-1
 In this Season of Giving, Remember you can Legally Share Unserved Leftovers Don’t let food go to waste after your next event. With a little advanced planning, you can donate unserved leftovers so they can be enjoyed by those who often go hungry. We share more information and a list of organizations that will pick up your donations on our blog.    people group catering buffet food indoor in luxury restaurant with meat colorful fruits and vegetables

What’s on Your Calendar?

Do you have an event coming up in the next 24 months? In this part of the country, it’s never too early to start organizing details and searching for a venue. Let’s plan something amazing together. Ready to get started?    
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