Roll out the red carpet for your event VIPs with these fabulous ideas

If you want to increase your event’s visibility and boost its credibility, curate the right mix of VIPs to speak, mix, and mingle with your guests.

VIP guests don’t have to be household names to provide serious cache to your event.

And, the key to getting the most out of your VIPs is to treat them like honored guests. In this issue, we’ll discuss ways you can pamper and promote your VIPs  so they feel appreciated and, in turn, make your event guests feel special.


Inviting a selection of VIPs to your event offers several benefits


As an event host, there’s nothing like seeing your event perfectly executed… unless it’s seeing that perfect event result in happy guests.

Happy event attendees are the best advertisers for your next event.

While mingling with VIPs won’t make or break your attendees’ event experience, having access to experts, celebrities, industry superstars – that experience can be the icing on the cake for your guests.

And, how you treat your VIPs will have a big impact on how they treat your guests.

Why go to the trouble of making VIPs part of your event?

As mentioned above, having industry leaders, celebrities, and niche experts visible and available to your guests creates an air of excitement.


There are other benefits as well – for you and for your guests.

1. If your agreement with your VIP includes that they help promote the event on their social channels and by email, the visibility of your event is amplified exponentially.

2. The mere presence of industry superstars and subject matter experts increases the credibility of your event in the industry it serves.

3. Networking opportunities for you as an event host and for your guests.

Once you’re convinced VIPs to add your event to their calendar, how do you make the most of the experience?


How to show your VIPs a good time

There are so many ways to show people you appreciate them that go beyond tchotchkes and gifts, but most people love receiving useful branded items, so let’s start there.

Premium Swag

In my experience, the number of people who love a good swag collection far outweigh those who complain about getting “stuff.”


And, of course, these are VIPs we’re talking about, so premium swag is called for. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Apparel: It should go without saying that any apparel should be premium for your VIPs. If regular attendees are getting tee shirts or sweatshirts, your VIP guests should get a jacket – or give them a choice.
  2. Mugs: High quality mugs are never out of style. Take this idea a step further and personal mugs for your VIP guests.
  3. Personalized swag: Find out your VIPs’ likes and dislikes and gift them personalized swag based on what’s important in their lives.
  4. Collection of snacks based on their preferences: Before your event, get a list from each VIP on their preferences and make sure you include snacks in their swag bag based on these preferences. When they’re exhausted after a long day, they’ll appreciate discovering snacks they like in their bag or pack.
  5. Backpacks: High quality tech bags are a fabulous swag item and if you can have the item branded, include a patch, pin, or keychain attached to the bag.


Offer to ship swag

Not everyone travels with extra space in their luggage, so surprise your VIPs with the offer to ship their swag and any other books or memorabilia (within reason) they pick up at your event.


Collection of event photos for personal use

Just about anyone who doesn’t have their own makeup artist and entourage will appreciate a collection of event photos featuring them as they speak on stage – especially a crowd shot showing how many people were there to hear them speak, mingling with and speaking to a small gathering, and other event photos they can use for their own promotional use.


Meals based on VIP-guest preferences

Ask your VIPs about meal preferences and adhere to them when possible. Communicate with your VIP when their dietary requirements might be difficult to accommodate. But, when possible, delight your VIPs with their favorite foods.


Personal event attendant

Some VIPs require more attention than others, but you can delight each of your VIPs with someone they can connect with before, during, and after the event. Having a single point of contact who is there to help them navigate the event space, find their way to off-site events and confirm transportation and hotel reservations is a VIP experience in itself.


VIP break room

Offer your VIPs an opportunity to get away from the crowds with a special break room filled with favorite foods and beverages.

If you want to go above and beyond, hire a massage therapist who can offer chair massages and host a happy hour at the end of each day just for your VIPs.




Hotel accommodations

Whether you choose luxurious or slightly above average hotel accommodations, you should go the extra mile to make sure your VIP guests have a hotel room or suite that suits their needs.


If they prefer a king-size bed, make sure you reserve that room. If they want a lower-level floor, do your best to make that happen. What seem like trivial details to you can be important to your guests.


And, it goes without saying, you should have a welcome pack waiting for them at check-in with drinks, food, and comfort items.



If there is anything on this list that is an absolute requirement, it is frequent, clear, concise communication with your VIP guests and their staff.


Your VIPs should not have to guess about any aspect of their travel or time at your event.


Get your communications right and the rest will be icing on the top for your guests.


Host a VIP-only event for networking

If you have a large number of speakers and other VIPs, giving them an opportunity to meet each other and network before, during, or after your main event is a great perk.


A special event gives you and your staff a chance to mingle and meet these VIPs and show them just how important their presence is.


Give your VIPs your personal attention

Personal attention seems like an obvious thing to do, but events can be overwhelming and without planning for this, you might find it falls through the cracks. Make sure you have a plan and show each VIP some personal attention.


If you include just a fraction of these tips in your VIP plan, you will establish your events as a must-attend on the speaker and VIP circuit and that makes lining up experts, celebrities, and industry stars easier for each subsequent event.

The Aurice Guyton Events staff is experienced with acquiring and arranging accommodations for VIPs, speakers, celebrities, and other talent. Let us know if you need help in this area.