Spring is upon us and we’re entering a perfect time for hosting an event in an outdoor venue.

Not only do we get to experience beautiful weather after dreary winter months, but we can also host an event in a venue where it is easier to keep our distance and where many feel safer going without a mask.

So whether it’s a picnic for 20 or a festival for 20,000, grab your sunglasses and let’s head outside for your next event.

ILEA Designer Showcase: Event Wars

I was elated to participate in the ILEA Designer Showcase: Event Wars with a phenomenal team. The members of our team are listed below. I encourage you to connect with us all on Instagram!

Meet Team 2: Rentals: @casanova_event_resource Rentals: @afrfurniturerental Catering: @hughgromangroup Designer: @auriceguytonevents Lighting: @djairsun Entertainment: @djairsun Flowers: @narisevents

ideas42 Highlights Tech Solutions for Fighting Poverty Bringing Social Change through Behavioral Science

It was such a thrill to plan and facilitate an intimate gathering of investors for ideas42 Venture Studio.

Three entrepreneurs from this group of talented founders shared information about the businesses they are building. Each has learned through a first-hand experience with poverty and they bring this knowledge and experience to the solutions they are creating to address poverty and financial health.


In-Person Outdoor Events Are Back

It’s time to head outside to gather with coworkers, family, and friends. And we’re excited at the idea of working with our clients on more outdoor events. Let’s take a look at ways you can make sure your fun-filled outdoor soirée keeps the comfort and safety of all guests top of mind so everyone in attendance is able to enjoy the fun and camaraderie. The beauty of in-person outdoor events is the sheer variety of event types you can host. Festivals, concerts, speeches, athletic competitions, picnics, informal lunches served by favorite food truck vendors… you can even rent out your local water park or zoo. The biggest hurdle you need to clear before you get started planning is one I’ve talked about frequently…

Selecting the Right Venue

Finding appropriately sized venues for large events can be a challenge and this year may be harder than most. Some venues are no longer open and so many people are ready to get back to in-person events that the remaining venues are booking out early. Yes, even outdoor spaces. If you have an event planned for 2022 and you have not booked your venue, don’t wait. Also, don’t worry. At Aurice Guyton Events, we have access to private venues and unique locations for events of just about any size. Get in touch and let us know what you need. Whether you’re planning a festival, picnic, beach party or formal cocktail party under the stars, you should keep these comfort and safety details in mind.  


This one may seem pretty obvious, but heat, sun, and precipitation can all create a need for shelter and they can dictate how your guests dress. Make sure your guests know exactly what to expect so they can dress accordingly. For example, if your venue is on the beach, have you communicated that this isn’t just a beach-themed event… but an event actually on the beach? Crystal clear communication about the venue and activities will help your guests plan for any event. Just saying an event is casual, does not tell the whole story. Acquiring a shelter large enough for your guests is something that shouldn’t wait for the last minute, so if you have questions about rentals or timing, we’re here to help.

Comfort & Accessibility

Protection from the elements is just one consideration when making your guests comfortable in an outdoor venue. Movement into and around your venue is important. And, of course, there’s always the issue of seating. If the walkways to and through your venue might cause problems for those with mobility challenges or those in wheelchairs, consider providing temporary walkways or ramps. And, consider mentioning uneven walkways in your event materials. Also, keep in mind, that standing for an entire event isn’t comfortable for everyone. If your event is a picnic or family-style fair or festival, provide blankets to spread on the ground along with some chairs for those who might have trouble sitting on and getting up from the ground.

Keeping Food & Beverages Safe

Food, dirt, bugs, and wind can be a disastrous mix. It’s a problem often solved by hiring the right caterers. They have the right serving pieces to protect food from the challenges posed by outdoor events. But, you can also keep food service easy and streamlined by having the caterer pre-pack meals in your branded packaging. You can make these “brown bag” lunches quite fancy and elegant even if the packaging and service is simple. Finally, you can always bring in food trucks offering a variety of food and treats. Serving good food outdoors is what they do best and your outdoor event is the perfect place to take advantage of that.  

Bridgerton-Inspired Event Ideas Just in time for Season Two

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