Staying safe while celebrating in the summer sun

The heatwave that is sweeping the rest of the world has missed our part of the country leaving us with near-perfect weather for outdoor events. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take extra care making sure your guests are safe from heat and sun exposure.

In this issue, we’ll talk about ways you can prepare to make your guests comfortable on the sunniest of days as you plan events to enjoy the final days of summer.


Get Your Tickets NOW for the ILEA Carnival

The ILEA-NCC Treasure Island Carnival will be an excellent opportunity to bring your friends, family, clients and colleagues to show them what you do and the amazing people that make things happen!

The carnival will be held on August 16th from 3-7 PM on Treasure Island and it promises to be an event you will not want to miss.

This will be a fantastic outdoor summer fair with games, entertainment, food and drinks for all to enjoy. Drink and game tickets make up our fundraising ask for the event, so enjoy a drink and play games to your heart’s content!

We have arranged for plenty of parking and the event will be held both indoors and outside.

This is on Treasure Island, so make sure to bring your layers as it can be very windy outdoors.

Hope to see you all there to play, eat and raise funds for our community.



The Laurel StreetFair World Music Festival is On!

Aurice Guyton Events has helped organize and manage the Laurel StreetFair World Music Festival for years and we’re excited to have been involved again this year.

Meet us at the festival on August 13 for amazing food, music, and goods from artisan vendors and local makers.

This is a true community event with a world view.


On Hot Sunny Days, Shade is Essential

Create shade when your venue doesn’t provide it naturally

A respite from the hot sun is among the necessary amenities you should provide your guests for outdoor events on hot sunny days, especially if your venue lacks natural shade.

You can accomplish this with large cabanas that house your entire event, or smaller cabanas and tents for specific purposes.

If tents and cabanas are out of the question, umbrellas at individual tables can be arranged to give maximum coverage as the sun shifts in the sky.

Of course, you can always put shade control in the hands of your guests with colorful paper parasols, hats, and sunglasses. Many of these items can be branded and all make for great swag gifts.


Water to Drink & Water for Cooling Off

Providing your guests with adequate hydration is the most important safety consideration for outdoor events. Some outdoor venues will have their own built-in water stations Other venues will require that you bring your own water source. The good news is you have several options for taking care of your guests.

Consider setting up a portable refilling station for water bottles. Your guests can bring their bottles from home or you can provide branded or decorative water bottles as swag at the event.

Once hydration is taken care of, consider going all in with an interactive water feature. Even if you aren’t hosting your event at a water park, you can have a portable misting station to help your guests stay cool.


Some Refreshments Were Made for Hot Weather

Many fruits and vegetables contain more than 90% water and they can be quite refreshing on a hot day. Many other foods require water to digest, so if they are on your event menu, extra hydration should be provided.

So, for hot days, consider fresh fruit and vegetable plates, soups (yes, soups can be hydrating!) and avoid foods like meats, grains, and sweets.

Shaved ice and fruit and ice-based smoothies are a great way to offer a sweet treat with a hydration boost.

If you need help with ideas for your next event, I’d love to chat.