In this issue we unlock the secrets to crafting unforgettable events by including a variety of interactive activities. We hope these ideas and inspirations will spark your creativity and empower you to create events that leave a lasting impression on your guests, employees, and the community you serve. We believe your guests should feel like they’ve been showered with attention. These activities will help. We also believe events should be more than just passive experiences. Some guest-engagement efforts take more planning, more resources, and cost more money than others. There are activities to suit just about any budget and staff size. If you aren’t sure about which activities are suitable for your event, just ask. We excel at this and are happy to help.

Be paparazzi-ready with an elegant red carpet experience for your guests and VIPs

Treat your guests like the VIPs they are with an elegant red carpet experience complete with paparazzi. Imagine the excitement as your guests approach the event venue to the sight of an elegant red carpet welcoming them. Complete the look with a branded backdrop where pictures are taken. Consider adding your sponsors to the backdrop as well, so they too get a bit of the spotlight. If your event is a fundraiser, consider selling the photographs at the end of the event, or include them with a premium event ticket. If your event is a company retreat or conference, consider offering the photos as a favor. Regardless of event type, displaying the red carpet photos on the big screen at your event is a great way to celebrate all your attendees and VIPs.

Interactive photo walls are perfect for event and social media engagement

Photo walls and backdrops can be as simple or as extravagant as you want them to be and they are appropriate for every event type.   Be sure to include event-branded hashtags for your guests to share when they post their selfies and group photos to social media.   If your guest list doesn’t include those who are inclined to take selfies, have your photo walls staffed with someone who can help your guests get their memorable keepsake photo.   Photo walls are popular and once installed require little attention. Consider adding more than one style of backdrop to help keep your guests engaged.

Photo booths are a great activity to keep your guests entertained and interacting with each other

  Take your guests back to sillier moments of childhood with a modernized version of a photo booth.   Provide props or let your guests express themselves in their own way. Your props can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be.   Like photo walls, you’ll see guests coming back to these activities repeatedly as the night goes on. You can provide instant printouts or share digital copies through email or social media.

Encourage conversation with cozy seating areas

Nothing inspires intimate conversation like comfort and privacy. Create attractive groups of couches, big comfy chairs, and floor cushions to inspire your guests to get to know each other better. Your guests will welcome the respite provided by spaces that allow them to get away from the bustle and hum of the event. If you want to turn comfort up a notch, include branded cushions and throws.

Games & trivia

Create interactive games or challenges that your guests can participate in during the run of your event. There are so many options available, you should be able to find several options that match the tone and style of your event. You can include scavenger hunts, trivia contests, or interactive digital games. Or, have board games located conspicuously throughout the venue. If you really want to turn things up a notch, include virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) stations where your guests can immerse themselves in virtual environments or interactive simulations.

Live polls

Live polls offer a variety of benefits. You not only keep your audience engaged, but you show them you care about their opinions. And, you collect valuable feedback on your event.

Wellness activities are especially appropriate for multi-day events

Your guests will appreciate having space to rest and recover their energy when you emphasize wellness at your event. You can keep this as simple as a darkened quiet room, you can schedule a professional massage therapist to offer chair massages, or you can have a schedule of meditation, yoga, or other exercise sessions. Multi-day events can be taxing on attendees and providing your guests with services that focus on their health will bring them back year after year.

Silent auction

A favorite activity for many fundraisers is a silent auction. Nothing will get the blood going like hovering between your favorite items up for bids trying to be the last person to get their bid in. The silent auction can be created to work with any style event – from casual to the most elegant affair.

Networking activities

  Networking is one of the main reasons many people attend conferences, summits, and retreats. Make it easy for your guests to succeed in their networking by providing specialized activities. You can opt for speed-dating style one-on-one meetings or topic-based small group meetups.

Bring your event alive for your guests with music, dancing, and live entertainment

Providing live entertainment and music for dancing is a crowd favorite and a bit of a no-brainer, but pulling together right right talent and making sure all the pieces fall into place during your event isn’t as obvious. Fortunately, at Aurice Guyton Events, booking talent and handling all the details during the event is among our specialties. If you’d like help making sure your next event is making the best use of interactive activities, I’d love to chat. 
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