Have you ever gone to an event just because you knew the SWAG bags would be awesome? I have. While SWAG isn’t the end all be all of an event, it can be the icing on the cake. Everyone likes receiving gifts and a SWAG bag full of wonderful yet USEFUL surprises will not only get people talking about your event on social networks but will bring them back to your event year after year. Also, people are more prone to forgive any mishaps that may have occurred at the event if they are leaving with great gifts. If you have a big enough budget, you can purchase items in bulk from a club store but if you have a tiny budget then your best bet is to get free goodies. So where do you get awesome SWAG for FREE? The secret to getting free SWAG is…PR companies. Yes. Public Relations companies represent lots of larger companies that are constantly working to build connections to their target markets and your attendees may be a perfect match. Public relations professionals work to obtain free publicity for their client and are constantly looking for ways to increase their visibility. What better way to marketing to a large group of targeted individuals than with sample products that their consumers can use on the spot. Once the SWAG is received, the companies are hoping that your attendees share to express their love on the various social media outlets. That’s a win-win for everyone. The key is to make sure you are creating a goody bag that can be remembered and resonates with your attendees! So when you approach PR companies give them the necessary information so they can pitch it to their appropriate client. Many PR pros are former journalists, so they know the best ways to pitch an event opportunity but they need the following information.
  • Facts about your organization
  • Links to your website
  • Demographics of the attendees (age, occupation, interest)
  • The number of items you need (how many SWAG bags are you making)
  • What is the theme of your event
  • What is the deadline to receive the items
  • Your word that the gift bags will not be sold. Companies will not give products to you if you are selling the SWAG bags.
  • Remember to be honest with agencies. Your organization or event must be an entity that their client wouldn’t mind being associated with.
There you have it. This is the number one tip for getting great SWAG for your gift bags. Call Aurice Guyton Events if you need help getting SWAG for your event.
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