Summer months are often the time when corporate events are designed around celebrating employees and their families. From a simple picnic at the beach to a full carnival complete with rides – these events can be a challenge to put together and pull off seamlessly. When you’re celebrating your employees the last thing you want to do is exclude a group of them from the festivities because they’re tasked with running the event. That’s where we come in. Make sure everyone on your team feels celebrated. If you’re running low on ideas, maybe these images from events I’ve planned this summer will give you some inspiration.  

The Crucible Fire and Light Soiree

The Oakland Museum provided the perfect setting

When the fundraiser you’re planning is to promote the accessibility of fine and industrial arts, there is no cap on creativity. And, the Fire and Light Soiree was no exception.

Held on May 21, this event raised money for The Crucible, a nonprofit organization and art school dedicated to bringing greater accessibility to the fine and industrial arts to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

As part of celebrating and empowering Oakland, The Crucible offers free programming, scholarships, and paid leadership opportunities for youth and adults who live locally and otherwise could not participate.

For this fundraiser, Aurice Guyton Events provided event design, fundraising ideas, the sponsorship deck with creative offerings to sponsors, layout of space and dining tables with multiple options being presented, sourcing for AV team, sourcing for an Emcee, sourcing for the band, management for their very large team and we pulled fire permits.

This was a great team to work with. The venue was perfect for the event. The entertainment was spectacular. And, lots of money was raised. Everything you want in a fundraiser!


Worksafe 40th Anniversary Celebration

Happy anniversary, Worksafe! What a fun event and it was such an honor to work with this group.

Worksafe is a California-based organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the basic right of all people to a safe and healthy workplace. Worksafe advocates for strong occupational safety and health (OSH) protections for workers — particularly low-income, immigrant, and contingent workers.

The event was held on May 19 at the Overlook Lounge which is adjacent to the Kaiser Roof Garden. The food was delicious and the guests enjoyed themselves so much, nobody wanted to leave!

For this celebration, Aurice Guyton Events provided full-service management. From the venue scouting, vendor sourcing management that included the florist, balloons, decor, audio/visual, catering, and the photographer. And, of course we handled the venue design and layout.


Are Activity-Based Venues Best for Your Family-Focused Event?

When planning corporate family-focused celebrations, it can be tempting to gather at venues like water parks, zoos, parks, and festivals where all entertainment is provided.

At first, events at these large venues might sound like a good idea – and they are a good idea for many celebrations – as long as your goal for the event can be met.

Where they fall short, though, is in creating a feeling of togetherness as families and smaller groups break off to enjoy splashing in the pool, marveling at the animals, or standing in line at everyone’s favorite ride in the theme park.

These events can also present accessibility challenges for some team members.

If you need help with ideas for your next event, I’d love to chat. 

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