The floodgates have opened in the events industry and it feels like everyone is trying to plan events all at once. I’m receiving a continuous flow of requests so I thought now would be a good time to remind you of all the different types of projects I work on. While I typically work on large events, I’m happy to consider smaller conferences, corporate meetings, and fundraisers. For large events, I sometimes coordinate the entire event and sometimes I manage one or more parts of the event. If you aren’t sure what you need, all you have to do is ask! Thank you to all of you who have reached out with event requests.

Fairs and Festivals Have a lot of Moving Parts and I Love Keeping ALL the Balls in the Air

Organizing fairs and festivals is among my specialties and outdoor activities are popular this year as the world gets back to getting together in person. These events are in full swing and people are excited to be getting back out. If you have plans to organize a fair or festival-style event, now is the time to call.

These large outdoor events have considerations that other events do not have. For the Laurel Street Fair in 2019 our team designed the layout and placement of the event elements and coordinated communications between the event and city services like fire, police, and medic.

Another major job for fairs and festivals is handling vendor coordination. When our team handles vendor and exhibitor acquisition, we always sell out of space.


Corporate Events, Conferences, & Retreats

These events run the gamut with everything from formal lecture-style events to party-style celebrations. Our team worked on several major large events prior to the pandemic, and honestly, this is where we shine.

Our participation ranged from planning and managing the entire event – like we did with the Black Hollywood Themed Holiday Party for the Black@Facebook ERG to helping acquire and manage speakers for the Twitter #OneTeam2020 event in Houston.

Our role in supporting the management of 100+ internal and external speakers included:
  • Communicating with speakers & talent agents
  • Organizing travel
  • Drafting and distributing speaker communications
  • Managing rehearsal schedules
  • Serve as on-site speaker liaison during the event
Chrissy Tiegen and Simone Biles were a couple of our VIP speakers. They were absolutely wonderful to work with. Our team had a lot of fun pulling together the Newtype Buildcon event. We handled venue management as well as overall logistics and coordination of the event. It was a fun challenge to create a space appropriate for panels, workshops, speakers, a contest, and a vendor exhibit hall.

Another meaningful event (pre-pandemic, of course) was working on the Best Me conference. Our team handled the overall logistics of the event, as well as consulting and vendor and speaker management.

As you can see, large events have many working parts and you don’t always hire one team to do it all. While, I’m happy to take on overall event planning, I’m also happy to work on specific components of an event.

Specialty Events

Sometimes, you might not recognize your need as an “event” and you might not realize you can hire me to help fill that need. Just because something isn’t a celebration, retreat, or conference, doesn’t mean it isn’t an event.

Kindbody works to erase the stigma around women’s fertility health. One of the ways they do this is by making information and testing around fertility health accessible with their mobile exam unit.

This may seem like a pretty straightforward event, but parking a large van on a busy city street in San Francisco involves multiple layers of city permitting. Our team also helped with vendor acquisition and management.
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